Because we consider your cars as precious jewels, we offer a quality service, finish beyond reproach, and attention to detail.

Cleaning and upkeep

  • Hand cleaning for top-of-the-line interior and exterior of your car as well as the chassis and motor engine.
  • Complete car polish and waxing by machine to ensure a perfect finish.
  • Maintenance of external plastics (joints, bumper bars, hood).
  • Treatment of bodywork with Teflon anti scratch.

Treatment of interior leather

Maintenance of the interior leather of a car is essential, in order to avoid premature wear and the risk of cracking. We insure a maintenance service using high quality products recommended by leather specialists.

In case of advanced deterioration (panel damage by the sun) we entrust the repair to a professional saddler used to dealing with luxury vehicles.

Tinted windows solar protected anti UVA and UVB at 99%

For over 15 years, we have specialised in tinting windows (for vehicles and buildings).

Llumar film
For your comfort, this film reduces ambient temperature inside the vehicle, saving energy (by reducing the use of air-conditioning) reducing the effects of fading, protecting against glare. Lastly, the film offers protection for valuable objects left within the interior of the car, as they are not visible from the outside.