Logistics, a matter for specialists

Your vehicle and your luggage made available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, where you want, when you want.

During your holidays, transfers or travels, your vehicle as well as your luggage will be securely transported to the destination of your choice, either within Switzerland or abroad.

Our clients appreciate in particular the mobility in which they can travel. Nino cars set out to facilitate all your transfers and we will take charge of all that is required in transporting your vehicle, luggage and people.

To help you save time, we will drive you in our limousine or 4-seater aeroplane depending on availability and weather conditions.

We put at your disposal all equipment to ensure a secure and safe transfer of your delicate vehicle (special straps, car protection sheets etc).

If you have an accident or your car breaks down, Nino Cars will come to your assistance and take care of all formalities. Repair and repatriation of your vehicle, completion of documentation required in urgent situations, contact insurance companies etc.

During this time, we offer a replacement vehicle which we graciously put at your disposal.

We also offer you the possibility to rent a luxury car (Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes etc.).

Our emergency number in case of need: +41 (0)79 603 7841